Why Institution Athletes Mustn't be Compensated Essay Writers

I'm going to give you the best possible reasons why college athletes should not be paid essay writers

It's an interesting topic that you need to get a grip on because there is going to be a whole lot of money involved.

You have athletes with scholarship money from schools and for schools with state funds, their own sports programs, there are probably many reasons why college athletes should buying term paper not be paid essay writers. If it's because they don't have any talent or aren't athletic enough, you can bet they won't be getting paid. If it's because their teams are all good and winning, the coaches would love to use their essays to make the athletes look better.

If you went up against one of the top colleges in the country and you won, you could end up getting millions of dollars if you wrote a really good piece of writing and they felt like you didn't write that way. On the other hand, they may feel like it's okay because you didn't come out the winner and it's the loss they were hoping to avoid, as it was papernow org almost impossible to get that right.

There are also a lot of very talented athletes out there that have scholarships to play football and there are a lot of those scholarships to give to very talented athletes. They get paid very well, obviously, but not everyone who has a scholarship gets a good writing job.

Athletes should not be getting paid to write articles either

If you're going to pay someone to write pieces for the athletes, you'd better be able to get the articles that are going to be sold to college coaches and schools on topics that they are going to want.

Obviously, if you were going to pay a writer to write a good essay, they should be able to write that essay about anything that theywere asked to write about. Athletes could get paid for just about anything they write, such as kids who have diabetes or cancer or leukemia. Why should they write about things that won't be sold to the public?

That's https://grad.msu.edu/application-information why college athletes should not be getting paid to write essays. They're going to make a lot of money off of these sales and if they write something that the school won't want to use, it will hurt their chances of getting a high paying job down the road. Plus, you can bet that it will be published somewhere.

What I'm trying to get at is that college athletes should not be getting paid for writing pieces, they should be getting paid for the things that they do when they are on the field. It doesn't make sense to pay someone who is doing a job, even if that job is writing a nice essay.

Athletes shouldn't be getting paid to write essays either because they could be giving them to coaches and they are going to be selling their piece. You can bet that coaches are going to read that essay that they wrote, and they will be able to use that information in an effort to talk trash to their players and get the edge they need.

Not only should athletes not be getting paid to write essays, they shouldn't be getting paid for writing pieces that aren't going to be sold. College athletes should not be getting paid to do things that aren't going to get them the things that they want.

So, I don't see why athletes should be getting paid for doing something that is so important, but I understand that coaches need that information and the young kids who are being recruited by the coaches would love to know. Some coaches take great pride in recruiting the best athletes available, so they are going to write whatever they can to get the attention that they want.

The reason why college athletes should not be getting paid for writing essays is because coaches can easily turn them into pieces that will sell and it would be easier for them to buy this idea than to write something that will be sold to a huge group of people. People will get more interest in these essays if they aren't going to get sold, if the coaches can just use it to get more college football scholarships.